Radian Generation

Radian Generation was founded on the core principle of offering professional asset management services to support a maturing renewable energy industry. And since that day, Radian Generation has continued to spearhead the creation of industry-leading asset management thought leadership and best practices to efficiently manage, optimize and de-risk energy assets to support predictable returns.

All of this is managed through Radian Generation’s proprietary software platforms—where owners and investors gain a real-time view into both the financial and technical performance of their assets to better understand trends and risks.


Radian Generation supports developers from early to late stage development with a deep understanding of the renewable energy markets, data and cybersecurity requirements, design challenges and financial modeling expertise.

  • Assist with site and financial due diligence
  • Review offtake and subcontract structures
  • Mitigate regulatory risk through technical and compliance oversight
  • Validate performance models and weather assumptions
  • Digitized workflow and data architecture to track development activities, milestones, and obligations
  • Develop effective and secure designs for OT and cyber infrastructure

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Radian Generation provides owners and construction managers with a variety of technical consulting, advisory services, software, financial services and asset management support during the project construction period.

  • Provide project management tools and services during construction
  • Assist with technical and construction due-diligence activities
  • Manage all accounting services, including AP, AR and reporting
  • Develop NERC registration and other regulatory programs
  • Coordinate construction compliance activities across all subcontractors
  • Ensure effective design and implementation of project SCADA / OT components

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Radian Generation employs a comprehensive approach to managing the entire operational life of renewable energy assets for owners and investors alike.

  • Ensure compliance with all project agreements
  • Maximize energy production to optimize the return on investment
  • Manage all financial requirements and reporting
  • Leverage technical experience to mitigate project risk
  • Coordinate federal and state compliance programs
  • Utilize smart software as a project tracker, compliance & analytics engine, report tool, and performance dashboard

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