Management & Services

With over 300 projects in 17 states in the US, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Australia, Radian is one of the leading third-party solar asset managers globally, managing and offering services to over 30 GW1 of third-party owned wind and solar PV assets.

An important driver of Radian's asset management business is its proprietary, best-in-class software platform - LENS™. The cloud-based solution allows renewable energy assets to be managed and monitored efficiently, 24/7, across varied scales (utility, commercial, industrial and residential) and across the globe.

With the capabilities of LENS™, Radian adopts a 360 degree approach in driving best practices for its global asset management portfolio, comprising over 300 projects in 17 states in the US, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Australia.

With the addition of Green IT ® and Global Audit Ready ® , Radian Generation’s digital platform provides clear insight into a portfolio’s health and risk profile—from development, planning, and process automation, to NERC compliance and reporting through daily asset management tasks and network cyber security monitoring. This information is critical to allow renewable energy stakeholders to deliver viable projects and continue to be accountable as outstanding stewards of the energy grid.

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1 As at January 2023