Development & Investment

Plus Renewables’ growth is primarily driven by its Development & Investment business. To date, the firm has developed renewable energy projects in the US, UK and Greater China. It has also successfully divested 49.6 MW of its UK assets to investors.

Leveraging its strong industry reputation and network, Plus Renewables originates multiple opportunities across target markets. In the recent years, it has built a solid pipeline of solar energy projects, covering the US, UK and Asia. In Texas, Plus Renewables develops utility-scale solar projects in the ERCOT market through its joint venture company, AP Solar Holdings LLC, in which it holds a 50% stake.

In addition to the projects in Texas, Plus Renewables also owns and is currently developing 500+ MW of projects in the states of Nevada and California with projects having energization dates between 2024 and 2025.

  • Project Jersey
    Project Jersey
    • a 2.8 MW project located on the rooftop of one of New Jersey’s largest outlet mall. This project has been operational since 2012 and is a behind-the-meter project.
  • Project Yuma
    Project Yuma
    • a 1.2 MW project located in Yuma, Arizona, this project provides electricity to the City of Yuma.
  • Project Jiangsu
    Project China
    • 12 MWs of rooftop solar projects that provide power to the factories on the roofs that they are built. These projects have been operational since 2017
  • Project Taiwan
    Project Taiwan
    • 2 rooftop and 2 carport projects in Taiwan. These projects have been operational since 2017 and 2019, respectively, and provide power to TaiPower.
  • Project Qigu
    Project Qigu
    • a 1 MW ground mount project in Taiwan, this project has been operational since 2022 and provides power to TaiPower
  • Project Charger
    Project Charger
    • A 450MWdc project in Texas, this project is in a prime location and when operational in 2024, will supply power to Houston
  • Projects Rainbow Way 1 & 2
    Projects Rainbow Way 1 & 2
    • Located on contiguous parcels of land, these projects straddle the California/Nevada border and when operational in 2 phases, will have a built capacity of 350MWdc
  • Project Lander
    Project Lander
    • Located in Nevada, near Reno, when built by 2025, this project will have a built capacity of of 150MW